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Prayer and Care

Prayer and Care

Prayer Chain

In times of need and times of celebration the faithful turn to God in prayer. Call the church office with prayer requests for the prayer chain.

Men's Prayer Group

Men's Prayer group meets on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30 p.m.  They meet in the pastor's office to pray for the needs of the church and our community.

Home/Hospital Visits & Communion

Pastor Jarrett Johnson and members of the Deacons Board regularly visit members and friends in their homes, in the hospital or in convalescent care. Contact the church office if you or someone you know could use a visit.


The Deacons at Carpinteria Community Church arrange for meals to be prepared and delivered during times of crisis for members of the church family and community. Contact the Deacon on call or the church office if you become aware of someone in need of this assistance.


Volunteer drivers are available to assist you if you need a ride to Sunday worship or to another church event. Contact the church office.

Memorial Receptions

Receptions following funerals or memorial services can be provided by our Board of Deacons.

Call the church office for details.

Pastoral Counseling

Contact the CCC church office to schedule an appointment,